About Missed Lessons...

Victoria Conservatory of Music policy states: lessons missed by the teacher must be made up or refunded/credited; lessons missed by the student must be paid regardless.

Missed lessons happen! I will be asking the VCM to credit to your account all lessons that I can not teach due to Symphony or family scheduling. Unfortunately, I can not provide make-ups, so please do not ask to reschedule a lesson that you must miss.

If you know in advance you must miss a lesson, consider swapping lesson times with another student. I would like to know in advance that you are planning to swap: that will give me the chance to let you know if there is a reason why that will not work on a particular week (i.e. piano rehearsals). Not all students will be able or willing to swap times. If you are not interested in being approached for swapping, please let me know ASAP so that I do not pass out contact information to others; otherwise, I will assume it is fine to facilitate a swap.

Depending on when your lesson is, it may be possible to book-off a block of lessons to accommodate extended holidays or school trips, but this can not be guaranteed! Please exercise discretion when making this request!

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