From 2001 to 2009 the Pedagogy Committee of the National Flute Association hosted a series of student concerts at the Annual Convention entitled "Pedagogy Sampler Concerts." This series of concerts brought selections from the various NFA Pedagogy Selected Repertoire Guides to life through performances by students at each designated level. Link here to programme notes from many of those concerts as written by Mary C. J. Byrne: it is hoped that these texts might further encourage teachers and students of flute to seek out new and adventuresome repertoire. If you find these programmes and the repertoire selections to be intriguing, please check out the full recommendations by the NFA Pedagogy Committee by seeking out our most recent publication, "Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies: A Graded Guide" (2009).

Sampler Program 2004 Sampler Program 2005
Sampler Program 2006 Sampler Program 2009

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